Bobby V – 5 Star 歌詞

Yeah vitamin V
You already know
..dreams you know
Anything it takes get back to you girl
It dont’ even matter search the entire world
Up until the moon and back cross the seven seas
It don’t even matter girl to me you’re everything
You walk, you you walk
You walk, you you walk
You walk you walk you walk
I start not … I’ll find you up
Shawty really is to fact i cannot hide
Like an angel hear from heaven
Sometimes i feel like i die
Girl explain to see you bring out the best of me
Let’s take a trip to Paris and go on to shop the wrong
Take the black car ’cause you’re a 5 star
If you leave it up to me yeah
The best is what you see yeah
Time is on our side so baby let’s fly
Are you ready for the good life baby
Then we ..all alone
If you were gone i’ve been sayin
I’ll be all alone
I feel like we;re home it’s a little bit of ..
Always high around you now I’m taking hit
..the body is gonna trip
And i want something more ..
..all the other girls is ..
.. Last i ever had
No need the way you sign oh you’re mine
You’re mine, you’re mine
..good life baby
We’ve been all lone
You were gone ..i’ve been sayin
[2 x Chorus:]


- スポンサーリンク -