Big Boi – She Said OK (Feat. Theophilus London & Tre Luce)

Let me see your titties
let me see your titties
she said okay, okay
now let me see your p**sy lately
now let me see your p**sy
she said okay, okay
We’re acting free nigga fan
throw your money in the air
let it rain, rain
let the rain down
she want to skip the winner just to shake it in the summer
if I didn’t show to your party homie that’s Obama
strippers on the pole and they going up and down
I said I made my cup my cup to come down
I’ma fly Brooklyn bitch
but when I’m in the..I’ll be sticking in the dawn hit it with
bandanas, I’ma play that caught like it was play by Santana bitch
bitch I hit you up bandana for a recap my hang
my hang up, I’m a free girl
watch me take your P girl
watch me take a P girl
touching on your neighbors I did long take a seat girl
one that introduce me to my money long
take your all night at long
but you’re hiding in that dress
curiosity is killing me
when we hit the stage tell em all niggas you feeling me
Yeah Monday night..and they say all the hoes in agency
no I’m no David Copperfield but I’m true I can pull a..
I’m mad it when I see something like I .. on gravity
like this..but I’m blowing but I’m acting boy is share a cush
uh ..smelling mud but this is the only hair we bush
but I would like to put my lips on
I like that p**sy brazilian
your own ass with the lips showin
and tip toe in the high heels when..
and she dimes when make her deep blowin I take to the list at the bottom of..tipsy roe
pop when I explode in her mouth well it’s..
dirt dancing killin from the..linin
I’m a peaceful person but give me peace of mind
now that appears that I am bring did,
my legs feel like ..jambling got me because she got insane here here
call me crazy but now the days seem nothing to secret
oh real do I really got me
got somebody to play with
I just wanna give you all my time
if you are not ..
baby let me blow your mind, your mind
oh your mind
girl I want you to climb on top of me
girl on top of me babe
could you please let me see, let me see
let me see


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