Bee and Flower – Simple Life 歌詞

You, I followed you around
I made a simple life
Oh yeah I saw us going down
We lost a simple life
Now your heart is swollen out
Pay no mind, releasing all you’re holding out,
You made it simple
Because I needed to know
And all my deeds are hollow now
Desperate words, they lay,
Lay broken on the ground
You made it simple
To turn away from my love

And that was all my dreams allowed,
For us to simplify
And now I taste that bitter mouth
I guess I simplified
Yeah I god damn simplified

Let your gaze lay here and out
Left your heart to sleep and never woken now
It never lifted
Beyond the weakness you showed
So say good bye to here and now
One more friend
That you have left behind in doubt
You made it simple
For me to keep moving on
Keep moving on


- スポンサーリンク -