ZAMA Star Cruiser 歌詞



Star light, star bright, chasing rabbits on the moon
Shining, drifting, racing with the shining shooting star
Wondering high, in the million lights of above
Higher and higher and higher and here we go!
Can you hear me?

Star Cruiser gazing through the night
Zooming pass the Milky Way, In the speed of light
Star Cruiser boost the engine high
To and beyond infinity, Across the Universe!

Shine on, Dream on, cup of tea at Aquarius
Smiling, Giggling, have some fun with Venus chicks
Hope in the eyes. Laughter in the space
Over and over and over and over again
Take my breath away

Star Cruiser, sailing Galaxy
Dancing on the Saturn ring, ‘til the end of day
Star Cruiser, up and far away
Make a wish, and pray for good to the Twinkle little star!

Standing, just me, watching at the blue Earth silently
My home, your home home is the place where I should be…
But now I’m!

Floating, Spinning, just forget the word “the gravity”
Cheer up, stand by, battle with the Mars Barbarians
Light in the dark, it’s a starlight rendezvous
Brighter and brighter and brighter and feel the beat!
Hold me closer!

Star Cruiser, there’s no limit now
Cast away and dream goes on, there no stopping now
Star Cruiser, Shower of the stars
Next time would you join with me to the journey ever last!

Star Cruiser, Star Trooper, Star Cruiser, Ah


- スポンサーリンク -