Yung Joey – Go Hard 歌詞 (Ft. Waka Flocka)

Flow like Mc’s them faces in ..
When them crackers is tryin
..monopoly man
New money new year
We gonna keep doing the shit
So give me the movement and get real ..
Work can be an ordinary so i go hard
Motivated to ordinary so i go hard
I gotta i go hard
Then you broke what all your chicks sayin so i go hard
That’s why i work work work work …
Friends buying over money that i earn
So f*cking .. Mary Jane bar
Never really rushed it back em with the turn
Never might in them in box never nigga ..i’ma stuck it
I got that shit poppin yeah
Create a bus for myself drop the mixtape at the mixtape
Single after single ..runnnin in the street
F*ck the ..n ym own dick i aint’ got dollar
Now people got their hadn out
What a f*ck i got your hand out
i ain’t get your hand out
Fly like most niggas i call friends ain’t really
They could give a f*ck if i’m there on .. really
more like a seas them faces in them ..
When the crackers is tryin to ..with that ruff ..
If you was there to share my ..
i promise you gonna see nothing when you ..
..23 wheel my motor .. as a wheel
..I don’t like how i feel
Tell em my mama me become what i wanna be
Never give me the shrift ..i wanna be ..


- スポンサーリンク -