Yung Joey – F*ck You 歌詞 (Ft. Slugg Mania)

Just be the murder judge, think I’m going back
I swear to god, somebody better show me where is at
I don’t talk much, I just get the sack
All I say is 3 words, you about to get …
Difference between us, you don’t trust a bitch
I bet your main make you take her shopping before she let you hit
And even after that you still might not get the drug
That’s what I call a cold case of blue balls
Yo, look wall, I’m fresh out of the pot
Still smell the vapors so the odor
Still smelling kush blown aroma…
And I … rose by the bottle like a motherfucking soda
Shit balling is hard, niggas stop, just to try make us…
Fly to 11 year, take off
Where we going? So where is snowing
Amsterdam and Jamaica, all in Las Vegas
Purple stuff…
You been a brave, you been a shade nigga
Scary, Atlanta, Georgia, been a brave nigga
…in the game nigga
Carry all our feelings raise nigga
Look up in the sky, all you see is me
They say I like space, no I just like to smoke weed
I’m higher the eye can see
So plane, you wanna take a ride with me?
G5, who fly is me, … for weed
… her been say, she wanna get with me
She love the smoke, I love the chemistry, come.


- スポンサーリンク -