Yung Joey – Family 1st Vol. 1 歌詞

I’m touching more paper than a secretary
Word a pimp see i won’t stop till I’m legendary
Niggas on my dick I’m necessary
Word to be a G i won’t stop till I’m legendary
Mc kill it up three words live it up
Balling on the budget p**sy nigga on get it up
All my bitches think and f*ck
P**sy think I’m rich and f*ck
F*ck em self good and no i won’t live enough
See nigga you’re scared of p**sy
You can’t get it up p**sy i’m a p**sy neck bleed it up
I don’t bang p**sy .. p**sy pay me
…the p**sy ey one p**sy get it free
Chasing that for that big stack round round three years
You f*ck around and you .. each .. big trap
I’m so ..i feel fat still trapped that’s all em
Same but same beauty ..give me that green light ..
Naking .. three dice alines been my .. middle finger all up in the sky
We all gettinh hoes ..familly
Kick in family .. sayin one tongue in family
F*ck around with my family
..’cause the y f*ckign up my every day beign show man
I’ puffing off that ..smoking
We don’t got no shame
‘cause i’m f*cking off the gaem
My whips under my name
My family comes first
With that first thing
… I’m a mother f*ck g
Welcome home my ..
With some .. young i ..great in this bitch fih on me
Let’s get the party started
I’m a New York ..
What the f*ck you’re telling me’re a f*cking hater
40 count on me f*ck around ..
..f*cking with no ass
They aint’ sayin nothing .. can something
..they’ll be .. bitch you know we back on


- スポンサーリンク -