Yung Joey – 2K12 歌詞

This my year, ain’t you taking my shine
Respect my hustle, nigga respect my grind
Respect my bitch nigga, respect my mind
Think about me, she got money on her…
Respect big dowg, respect my crib
This brick squad, you can suck my dick
Through my draws and the polo too
Matchin t with the long …
My life’s …nigga how bout you?
Burgundy beemer, European…
I feel like… for the slice…
Big like… i’am push the lights on
I run shit like a little mad drummer
… and kush got it from an old summer
… white Obama
You fucked up, don’t worry about tomorrow
This my year, never fake it’s my season
I hit the club, all the pussy niggers leaving
You still here, must have a good reason
Don’t piss me off, I was having a good evening, good evening,
I won’t fuck with you, you ain’t gotta fuck with me
They pay to see me, they see you everyday for free
Stop mean mugging, pussy nigga cut it out
I’ll eat you and rape you, you fuck in your mouth
Black on black, … challenger, su hu bricks…
…pull up on ya, eat your ass like cocoa
…vip make your baby mama roll up
Big dope shit, lil nigga get your dough out.


- スポンサーリンク -