Young Scooter – 77 Birds 歌詞 (Ft. Gucci Mane)

Yeah let’s go
77 birds in the trash can
My coop the coop the dope what is left hand
Six hundred bells in the caravan
Do the mouth that’s the whole lot of free benz
I know i said she shit you one no understand
‘Cause is the wall in my shoe you need to ..
Plus you need another hundred thousand just a gas
All that role runnin ..for the free benz
So the ..that’s my right hand
Look at all the shit we did you get a hundred yeal
My plus said i made 200 meal
Introduce em to that and the game is super deal
Are you sell a key lows and going bad bro
Can’t work about the bitch when you got the key low
You a real nigga don’t disrespect the dough
I got rich in every trash can in mexico
[2 x hook:]
We ball the slip so i coop for the free ski
Ten winnin liek a nigga got a key shit
Damn, she got a girl with them .. I call her key key
And help em hundreds base up well you meet me
When i hit it make it come back hard and concrete
You p**sy nigga across the street i cross the country
And if you suck a glass dick use a junkey
I got a fetish yeah i love ..
77 birds in the trash can
So so many singers i should be on sound scan
So so many ducers i should ..wanna post to
And i do so much .. My own nigga motto
Out up in the drivin of the caravan
Inside of it i got ..a hundred bag
Under five what a ..
I’m head it to new york brooklyn
Pull up in your hood i’m a roll runner
Told you nigga ..just takin order
Plus i love all my .. Water
Every day to sunshine we cross the border
I’m in mexico f*cking with amigo
Me and coktail counting up zero
I got more clientele in my ..
So they walkign with them benz that’s a foe foe


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