Young Chris – 100 & Rolling 歌詞

I said .. is in the house
bitch watch your mouth
white Toni decoration
shorty watch the couch
try to get me from my chess
watch the most
young .. fly nigger better watch your spouse
nigger smile .. through my eyes
old white sand old white …
can I live .. too big selling them ..
Niggers need to learn the definition of team
Louis kicks .. kicking the pair ludicrous ..
I was still me
.. getting high .. hitting every block in the city
.. tell you love a body and you divorce4 of him
.. I let a horse on them … that’s your .. baby …
mid night … but the love for the win I would be ..
why you nigger back home I tell them turn the heat up
.. you will be rich in a second … you know how they .. if you select the times
.. let’s give him a heart attack .. watch your funny face when I rap by
.. close to me saying shit .. approach me … the jump we go ..
bang bang .. little .. give me that .. unless is that whole thing
nigger you pick the fight a lot of cash .. and the dirtiest club .. more than twice
.. get town mother fucker .. leave him where we catch him .. America my next code
for my dress code … couple sky bitches that where .. remain on the .. anonymous
.. caps weren’t even .. confusion of the game .. I still remain
but .. the minute they got the fame
first time shame on you shame on them .. fuck you
they wanna wear what they wear talk slang and sex .. fuck ..a t me cause .. say fuck him
momma told me not to trust them
1 2 3 fuck them fake friends momma told me not to trust them
1 2 3 fuck them .. shut up the puff .. some pussy
can never get enough all my niggers make some noise4 .. I fly around
you are coming with me


- スポンサーリンク -