Hey Boy, Don’t be so harsh to me
Don’t mess me up
Tell me, where’s your soul? My heart still aches

Be here tonight with me just for a while
(Just stay I’m feeling torn away)
Be with me tonight you’re the only thing I have
(The sky high don’t you fall apart)
Don’t leave. It’s too soon for you to be gone
Let’s play hide and seek and promise me you’re comin’ back

Hey I’ll be waiting in sight Yeah it’s true
I’ll be waving my hands to you Yeah, It’s coming true

Wait there baby baby we gotta wake up, fly higher
Take my hands and we’ll be all together
Can’t forget it I’ll never give up on this desire
We can share this moment

Won’t let you down I need your love
Won’t let you down Ah, open the window

I hate getting down
Jump’up off the ground
So we gotta go go go go find a way out baby make love to me
Yes nobody cares
No, nobody can


- スポンサーリンク -