作詞:Toru Hidaka

There was an asylum
Outside of the town
Somebody brought me down
Didn’t know nothing at all

Man in a doctor smock
Called me a son of gun
So I said Yes, I was
Didn’t know nothing at all

The guy stopped me talk to myself
I wondered why the hell

Talking to friends of mine
Calling all friends of mine
Talking to friends of mine
And they ain’t no aliens

Can’t you see them laugh at door?
I said, Don’t know how to let you know
I don’t give a damb at all
You can call me what you want
A Dinosaur Boy

You ain’t being looking wack, Jack!
Don’t let them call you“Poor Boy”, Roy!
Steal the bride, get the bus, Gus!
Break away, break away, break away
Get yourself free!


- スポンサーリンク -