We’re on that cool O D, wild wide west
Born at daylight, face to face without a vest,
Got on my eye rays, doing my youth debt,
Two step with the tray proud and the double breast.
Trying to take all the towns in that bubble legs
The ask collide us another big drug investment.
Running to the bed quicker than that one nigger,
On a Monopoly board I got ton of bitch,
All I see is care, so if the money missing
I’m on your ass quick, fast, in a hurry, nigger.
Tray city and one state murder,
Need time for the percolator, dirty gloves,
Probably low when I run it to the outlay,
She sag it to me then I plug it to the power strip
It’s that is cool at working and if you’re sure circ it
Is ‘cause I’m working on this drain with the oucerness.


- スポンサーリンク -