Quest harder was the goal to a grown man,
Tell Huston we’ve got a problem,
We have lift of so tell him that I don’t wanna land.
High as fuck, I said it before, I came to bring the pain, hardcore.
You airees this, I’m Aires the god war,
Better be jizz in my palm when I perform,
Keep calm under pressure if you don’t give us alarm,
And a bunch of killer bees won’t swam like the SWAT team,
Game code, I’m hard just like an iceberg.
Niggers try me I turn to ridley, hokey.
Keep beat down, do you got me?
‘cause I get to niggers like a paper boxer,
I lead, no nigger top speed, I place tips on whoever try to stop me and never caught me.
Let’s get them drunk, nigger’s slompy, you nigger pack me
And I’m beating new block, that ain’t my thing.
Me and my team moving in my speed,
You 20 per hour and that’s my treat.
Copy cat beat try to jock me and mock me,
Label put my fly on and it’s not free,
Oxi caught and got me, yelling out all we ever ask it for free she ain’t a part of me.
Yeah, nigger, who got beat? I bunch raps like I chop trees,
I chop trees then we’re up and a cop sees, greet ‘em,
Then I take it back to the black streets and niggers lift off
She says the nigger’s probably pissed off,
But cut your bitch, dog.


- スポンサーリンク -