Terrific Kush – Drip 歌詞

Hey, I told her shut the fuck up
Cause what am I to hook up?
This white and my nigger …
And every time I look her body posted on the block
Some concrete in my pocket, I’m solid as a rock.
Hating nigger getting … you see the way I rap
I’m smoking on that other shit that brings me to the top!
You say a nigger … and a nigger can’t stop
Of course I made my pass, so my nigger ain’t your…
Yeah I’m …in this bitch
I take over just like a Viking
Your girl ..sipping, licking, and that shit…
You boys will be …. boy, I’m striking…
You say you ain’t no bitch, grab my nigger make the fighting
..and my name is Mike Tyson
Cause if I’m… hello nigger, bet the biting!
Roll up, roll up, I got some good weed
They say I’m smooth like some water, catch me dripping!
I’m dripping, I’m dripping
I’m dripping, I’m dripping
OK! Yeah my name is Cush and them bitches think I love ‘em
They’re always at my crib, but I … to fuck ‘em
I do not… fuck ‘em..
And yes I never love ‘em if they start to get attached
And a nigger got a… yeah I get it smacking,
I’m back up on your bitch, can’t get mad at me nigger
So you’re just blame it on your chick, I told her…
So your bitch is a snitch for sucking on my dick
And telling your bitch… that’s my… I ain’t playing, I say this!
Just fuck you and your bitch
And I’m back up on my grind, cause money is what I get
See, Cush is who I’m with, and Cush is who I miss
If you look up at my name, you say Cush ….
..and you just can remember that I’m cooking… and I’m eating ‘em for dinner
Important is how I end up, I’m not…
Boy, I’m .. like a master who is shot just like a…
I’m dripping, I’m dripping
I’m dripping, I’m dripping
Hey, Gucci told me I make the…
I’m fucking bad bitches and they all wanna…
Gimmie so… with a little…
I make the.. I make ‘em say..
Drip, dripping …
Drip, dripping …
Drip, dripping …


- スポンサーリンク -