Have you ever had your heart broke?
Have you ever took the wrong road?
Have you ever lie star hope?
Not me
I continue to speak
The gospel I quote
Was the cup to the wolf pack
Now I’m lone wolf
Cut a couple wolves back
I know it’s cool
As the blunts
I’m on 20 sack
Now you all roach
The one that made my lungs black
No joke
Got a hard devise
Hanging from a gold rope
See you could say I’m stunting
When I throw you off the boat
Ain’t nothing
I’m the same OG
No tempo
Genuine rhymes
No koneke
Yoke nose
I figured that the music I make
Should represent my moods and my pack
Yours truly is the picture I paint
Forget what the gang
Yo this is just a tool for the brain go
I figure
We only got one life to live
So you might as well do it all now
Some like six records deep
23 years old now
Been off my leash
And I’m running with the wolves wild
I built my own crown
That needs the Sol sound
So I precede to feed you what you want now

No more clouds
Just me, under these lights
Zoned out
Out so hot
My mama’s so proud
Cause I built my own life
But I’m at war inside
Even though I’m so nice
Pretty women want to lie with him
So we creep
All the homies want to ride with him
Rolling so deep
It’s like an anchor was tied to him
And the tide’s pulling
Cause the gods are night
And Poseidon’s blue and
I know a place
You don’t need to remind me
You can expect to leave the evils behind me
They got me stressed
Thinking I need to be soft for these
Critics to acknowledge me as the prodigy


- スポンサーリンク -