Slum Village – Turnin Me Off (Feat. De La Soul) 歌詞

Next door she do pokes, chick so old
Swear she got the flu back but can’t shake a cold
What you got to prove girlA You did it and been there
No matter the occasion she just gotta be in here
Ball court surfer, she a dope boy’s hollet
Neck game shameless, you’d better get garlic
Miss vampires, your blood or your bank cold
She’ll thank you kindly, kinda reminds me
What’s good for the goose is good for the ganner
But my gigolo days died with Hewie in the news
You want a tasteA Overdo it and you lose
Vixen, she on that smack, my dogs love it
Said she blows cum bubbles out her nose when she swallow
Her creed deeper than the shades of Apollo
But that ain’t Balboa, that’s boa constrictor
She don’t let her head to her toes who stripped her
She fandinnin, kiwi white wine
When she breaks the bank, she bringin’ out the hammer
Hammer pants, 1200 a pair
Hammer head, you can’t touch this, boy don’t even go there
She can’t cook a hot-dog but she can eat one
I call the George’s like each one teach one
Her first gang bang, on her birthday
Sixteen candles, blew ‘em all in the worst way
But nowadays she sell corporate tittie
Somebody’s penthouse in some big city
Layin’ on the back side, tears in her eyes
Livin’ her life while her dignity dies
Tarnishing the legacy of queens and the tribe

Bonita apple bum, you kinda turn me off
Bonita apple bum, you kinda turn me off
We dead in the summer time, still got a cough
Bonita apple bum, you kinda turn me off
Bonita bonita bonita

You see you couldn’t feed her when she was broke
How long have you been on her
Back summer she givin’ break dance lessons, back spinnin’
Back sinning about ten seconds in the back
Of a rental, the black tint Nexus
She learned the head game with the traces plan
With the male genitalia, probly undressin’
She should of slown it but you never would’ve known
Until you put your bone and got to killer comfort California
Great persona, never knew that she was local
How complex your coco, hoppin’ on some nuts like a pogo
Hot chick, never put your face near the slit
Always cline, always sline, always talkin’ shit
The type of girl burn your money, burn your penile
She probly got the fuckin’ road clinic up on redial
I told my man you would leak where you pee at

Bonita bonita bonita
Bonita apple bum, you kinda turn me off
We dead in the summer time, still got a cough
Bonita apple bum, you kinda turn me off
Bonita bonita bonita

Yea, y’all know that sayin’
When in Rome know what Roman Polanski would doA
So you bit off a lil’ bit more than you can chew
Raised cheeks and white teeth showin’ honey
You and I both know you ain’t getting’ any younger
But you are a given as just a typical lay
Got mano from bein’ a stereotypical way
Views of love are stretched in walk
Put the skellies in the closet with the fresh corpse
Next to it a shelf filled with soap
Health books with looks like a paradox cuz the brooks
Use you like a pair of socks
Keep a pair of cock in your mouth you call it smokin’ Cuban
You’ve been wanted from ground up you never took heave
Most prefer the rose opposed to deceive
All over your charade I can do a dance on the footstep followers
Serving out your high strong
By the word of archers scream I repent
Claim me as an adders I was more than content
Can find you on your knees, got cum on your hands

Bonita bonita bonita


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