I’m a man so I guess I’m a fool for love
‘Cause I can have a woman so good
But somewhere down the line I fucked up
I’m sorry I’m weak, like Adam to Eve
These girls are my dowfall , my forbidden tree
And your heart should run
‘Cause I’m stupid I’m childish I’m dumb
So dumb,ye ,
Girl I’m such a dumb dumb
Kill a lifetime for minutes
I start but can’t finish
This love shoot me down,down
Cupid and stupid just don’t mix
Girl I’m such a dumb,dumb
Runaway fast as you can Forrest Gump
Girl I’m such a dumb,dumb,dumb,dumb
And you’re heart should run
Baby I’m dumb,
Baby I’m dumb, so dumb, stupid and cupid just don’t mix
Girl I’m such a dumb,dumb,dumb
I do know I
I’m such a dumb,dumb,dumb,dumb
You’re heart should run


- スポンサーリンク -