Reks – Sins (Ft.Alias) 歌詞

I put the poison in the picture
Mixed it with the cranberries
Skipped the funeral
Ain’t wanna see my man’s burried
I said the hell with him
He ain’t come in a hurry
When I was very needy
I was very greedy
Wanted it all
Please me, I told her where she touched me
Like no other touched me
Love me,lust me
Hated the fact niggas raps getting the paper stacks
Envious man,enemies are planned to
Wrap it up
Throw the towel in
Sloth,lust and laziness
Force you all to rape me
With nars bars ,this is craziness
But I’m prideful, am not an atheist
Believe in God, see in his heart
The mistakes, his days
Acking and shaking
With scribbling thoughts
Rage in his heart
Breaking their bond
With the demons spawn
And his wife, cames knife,eats right
The app of the light
I’m wasting years, sheding tears
Hear my play


I called the priest
Tell him that we need to speak
I got alot of sense
Clear your schedule for atleast a week
My enemies pretending to be friends with me
Are they envy,it seems to be
They brute displaying on the end of me
They try to get ahead of me
They gonna feel my wrath
Had a fork in the road
Wanna walk a righteous path
I tried , I slept
And brush it all off
Part of alliance ,silence these lambs
Minus the moth
I’m finding it all
Late night I’m talking to God
They say I’m lustful
I say I’m going in hard
Possessed, so much gluttony
I call it picking hungerly
Pops gave me the wrath
Told him, don’t let him fuck with me
You damn right I’m greedy
Wanted all to live comfortably
Sloth don’t get you nothing
Wanted to start my own company
Crazy and I’m wondering
I got about a hundred since
Ban me to Hell Lord
But please let my brothers in



- スポンサーリンク -