Prodigy – Serve ‘Em Rough 歌詞

Serve em i serve em up
Serve em i serve em up
I serve em deliver that beef that nice you well done
You know those pistols up
I burn them, teach these dogs to set
I’ve learned ..never snap back the hand they try to nerce em
Fat these niggas when niggas left from starving
Shoot that nigga f*ck daddy snoop talking
Nigga tryin to play me son to get ..
He thought he had the only gun
In New York yeah yeah
Or nigga wanna play with them guns well let’s play in
My shit drives lightening fast i’m like ..
Hope listening good the words i’m sayin
‘Cause we need words ..
They tryin take me off my square laying like a marble block
..tryin lean on me you get me wasted
Not not a two rapers ..wonder one
You’re just the same shit i live it out
You just the same shit
Hood niggas with my head on the sneak
Hood i gt formers to .. My dick
Look you never gonna reach my boss too high
Never be a star like pm too fly
Too much shine i’m too bright too smart for you niggas
To move on i might catch the body and the hood try catch me
F*ck that you rap our .. You touch ..
I’ma knock your mom and your babies too
And i’ma see you hell
We gonna see the part two
If i don’t get em first ’cause you know i do


- スポンサーリンク -