Paul Wall – Bread On The Menu 歌詞 (Feat. Killa Kyleon)

got the bread bread, bread on the menu
it’s all about my brick 45 bitch
you got the bread bread, got the bread on the menu
money call clothes the type of..
got the bread bread, bread on the menu
got the bread bread, bread on the menu
got the bread bread, bread on the menu
get your, get your own bread i don’t gotta call the..

you already know i walk up in the corner stone smelling like a drough
polo on my body got them Jordans on my toe
i’m covered up and ncie twelve below
rolex on my wrist and i wear it like a bro
i met the rickes game so i seen it on the flow
i’m right behind the..try on me the notice cold
i’m leaning up the foe and I’m bout to post em all
i’m bout to hear the dreams holla at the homie though
i’m ridin with G look and be done in my bros
my money on the paper so my pocket full of dough
till they pout me in the ..get it till i dough


i got the ..clothes that mean i keep protection
so much bread on me my pockets got it .invasion

i got the wonder bread misses fur..your zone
and i ain’t share shti bitch gonna make your own
damn that’s a lot of dough yeah that you buy a hoe
i’m offering drinks with so much ones liek guess a dollar stone
you got that funny money you want the .. my money talk so god damn bad
it’s ..the rude of all leaper the bread the sweetest ..
..bitch i’m gonna eat the again
wallet full of grants i ain’t cooking..
got on my’s terific


a trill talk speaker and i speak to you speakers
switch to your pull of riffa and a bottle full of sneaker
i’m talking at your money i could’ve been the preacher
the truth can’t get.. but the lies run deeper
so my pistol on my waste by my bell liek a ..
posted on the blox on the..liek a ..
my front money oh liek the white more readers
i got a lot fo y’all you can count on ,,
i got a lot of drink and i poll battle leader
i gotta lot of hustle and some ..illegal
my grind all day till i meet ..



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