She got married on a Sunday
But it rained on the Monday
The people, they said
Maybe you should call this off
But she said “no way, I will love him ‘til I drop”
The people have notes
No, they simply have notes

The town looked down on Tuesday
It was in love making that blew it all the way
The torches, they burn the sun on Wednesday
You don’t say
They come back to get some
But they forgot they got lost
They simply have notes

The fire that burns through the power way
They have to give, they have to move from the road
But they say was a plan to make, a plan to take down the love
And they all said “fuckin’ stay in that bed”
Just make the love scream your true way
Which one is our way
And you simply have
You simply have notes
You simply have notes
No, you simply have notes


- スポンサーリンク -