倒され 汚され 笑われそれでも今また俺は立ち上がる(Wow!)
遊びさ 本気の だから俺は無敵さ何度でも立ち上がる(Wow!)

Hit me with flowers

A Haaan…

Nobody’d notice when something starts
We just found a new toy,that will not break
Adults thought we were just stupid kids
They think they’re living carefully,but dying fast
I didn’t care much what I had to pay
Chased fool’s gold sinkin’ into the sea
Singing’ A Haaan…

A Haaan…

At first guess it was just fun
But far we go sometimes we had to bleed
There’re no sailors who never get homesick
But we can’t go back ‘cause our life is right after us

Am I a fool?
Know my tune?
Hope it’s cool

Is it no good?
You’re too strong
Just punch me more

Guess what? I’m feeling the power

倒れちゃ いけない そう思ってもいつか倒れる日もあるだろう(Wow!)
それもまぁ 許せよ 君が俺を叩き起こすと信じてるから(Wow!)
Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!

Now,knock me up bro.

A Haan…

And I’ll get up 泥臭い 意味がない
And I’ll get up 何度も何度も立ち上がる
Yeah,just like ROCKEY


- スポンサーリンク -