Oh, I’m just an old dad’s young nigga
Kinda smart but put on like a dumb nigga
That’d be all, who you are, where you from nigga?
I know some white kids who wanna become niggas
I got a gangster wife, she got a gun with ‘er
I got a hell of a click that’s not one bigga
I’m on the Cater & Hill, don’t let the bums get ya
I’m throwin’ paper when I can but I don’t litter
Oh, I’m just a hustlin’ go getter
Find me sittin’ down, wait me rind, no nigga
Apologies for my usage of the N word
I got excited, I’m just happy that I’ve been heard
Word, I’m goin’ back to year ‘95
With hip-hop at its best ‘fore pop died
Or ’89, full chart, they just gotta try
When mama said I’m sick and tired of bein’ sick and tired
I’m wild but they ain’t talkin’ Donny Brasco
I’m super hype cuz I’m makin’ money back slow
I’m goin’ green, e-mails, no fax homie
Speak with me, this shit is hotter than Tabasco
Yo, my homie Dutch said go for it
If Lany Records was a pimp, I was a hoe for it
The rap game took a hit, I ran note for it
Touchdown but I don’t dance, I’m an old poet
Poet, in my cup till I pass out
I like a neo sole chick with ‘er ass out
I drive old school cars in the fast route
Born poor, before I go I wanna cash out
Money comes and it goes but your fam stay
I’d take my cuz over a billion bucks any day

Hey, some cheese grits with my damn stake
Don’t mean to cuss up in the bus so I’m damn straight
Damn right, it’s all to none every day and night
If I don’t get it then somebody else around here might
It’s like we’re just crabs in the bucket
Burgundy the same wipe Stan in Kentucky
Trust me, it’s the opposite of gettin’ lucky
If it wasn’t for the bad then I wouldn’t have that to brag
Oh, understand? Now I’m prone
Gotta hold it down, I’m the man of my home
Gone, all the days are gettin’ by
Drinkin’ liquor by the meter, just blazin’, getting’ high
I would be amazed if I tried
Just a lil bit harder for my sons and my daughter why
But why not is what I got in reply
As I looked in the mirror at myself in the eye
See you later alligator, flat suit and tie
Caddy coup, peanut butter guts, now I’m super fly
Like a king on the underground scene
Grip the wood in my palm but without the pinky ring clean
As a spring in the country
If you take a leap of faith trust the strings in the bungee
Court, I thank the Lord that he’s working
And if he sees fit then everything I’m deserving
I get but only in due time
I’m just a old young nigga blowed out his mind


- スポンサーリンク -