作詞:Leo Imai
作曲:Yoshinori Sunahara

Cold to the core
Raw as the flesh
I broke the law
You caught a light

Hit and miss
Beats of bliss
Shed some light on all your shades of grey
Take some medicine
Virtue to the sin
Poison the disorder of the day

Breathe in the heat
We whiteout and go to sleep
Exhale the demons
We whiteout to get back to our dreams

Raise it up
Fill your cup
Feel the dead connections slip away
Phrases off-the-cuff
No, they ain’t enough
Press them into sounds and let’em play

Blow out a mist
We whiteout to feel reborn
Inhale the goddess
We whiteout to stay strong and hold on


- スポンサーリンク -