Meek Mill – Faded Too Long (The Ride Freestyle) 歌詞

See what i do this
I do it for the younger in the ghetto
that ..never hear story ‘cause he gonna make it to say
see you know what’s crazy
i want to court all the day the DA say she hate me
how you gonna hate me when me and Lu just took twenty racks
and put coast on them kids back
it’s 30 degrees outside
24 how could i ask for more
I got my .. i make it .. sure
Startin the chance i get because i had a ..
But every time i might go to sleep i had to double at my dog
And I’m … to paper so I’m causing I’m going back to ..
Dealing with extra man they all said I’ll be back for sure
Mama is turning …for now bro because it will crack the law
You wonder why them babies going crazy that is clapping off
Get the light before they get p**sy ‘cause they don’t’ buy love
Sorry life get took in lot fo cages having fire over cookies
And lunch tradies just have em them days never killed
Yeah remember it was a hot December niggas dying top of winner
‘cause them kids need them toys it’s a .. need them boys
Seen them girls around here that’s Jack boys down there
No man with the big bang just man with the big gap
Tryin to take you ship back cause the feel the world
And it’s ..but for Christmas he gonna show
The love is dead no mud for ..
Just have a little ..we watch over there and use the ..
We get high to get by ..with attention eyes
..dead line just .. she hate me but i don’t understand when i just rock the ..
Fifty thousand .. i think that’s get races
She probably ..clan she take the pain out of me
But she probably need a man i took my mind from probably houses
Put her in the stick we came a long way from .. get wet
And when the shit is make me harder
And now we’re getting rich and all these niggas getting sick
I know that ..wanna get me in ‘cause i’m ball
Yeah ‘cause i’m ballin
And bitch say she hate me i f*ck with ..
Last night we just came out giving three hundred pay
she was just at the schools to the girls and the boys basketball teams
why you hate me, you hate me ‘cause i’m doing and i’m supposed to
and i’m making more money than you
but bitch you can hate me for that
let’s get it


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