Mannie Fresh – Bald Headed Hoes 歌詞

It’s a biggie
Give it to
Bub hate double gun
Skinned up at the .. gun
Three ..the hair hangin from the mother f*cking front
Ice man killin shit ..rappin
Rats dirty stack bitch looking like a p**sy eat
Hoe you a mess get the hell of your chest
Gone chop that shit down and make it last bird less
Nothing on top patches on the side
Bitch look like a glow so we call the world wide
Bald head hoe,
and what you see, what you see
nigga what you see
I see some bald head hoe
and what you see, what you see
nigga what you see
That’s a god damn chain
You aint’ franko hate em on the ..
F*cked up make u ..your nails ain’t done
Real ..f*ck bitch know that ..
You got but .. full of ..
Across the edge …and shatwy ..
..leave us alone
The bald head hoe got my phone
.. leave us alone bad head hoe by my ..
You and i Nicky nine no .. Beyonce
Rap shit the white and shit I’m f*cked on the first day
Who i love bussy, bussy you don’t love me
I hand team i over .. I’m still wouldn’t for you
Bald headed hoes more shit
So you wanna in the mix of your friendship
.. i hit the blunt i hear my ..damn bitch to call the ..
..for lase front here’s the .. if you cover don’t kiss her
This is ace time .. the hoes see the hitter
..for the dollar you won’t broke bitch say they model
‘cause they took it from the bitches
Staying at your mama house i always complain the shit
Pit it on me ..bitch watch your for the ..
I’ll be on your .. hood ..
You ..get away from my ..
It ain’t around your head ..
Your man thinking the shit wonder what he sees
‘cause girl i .. round in your pieces
Couldn’t .. all you did ..scared nigga
Get out that .. take your hand with you
I see a nigga even know
So i could burn it tonight get the ..out


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