LOUDNESS 2012~End Of The Age 歌詞



Domesticated nation
Ignorant subjugation

The crimson Urge for conquest
Creeping reign of terror
Calling all the shots

Baring fangs People’s republic
Bound in chains for the rest of your life

Children brainwashed
Social corruption
Falling deeper into chaos

The human wasteland
It slowly kills the earth
Our ego chokes us to death

The world of free-for-all
It’s time to pay the due
The story’s been told
It’s end of the Age

Are we at the end of game?
There’s no future?
Open up your mind now
For all mankind
Come together as one
From eve to dawn

Power politicians
Die in hell
Eternity in inner-selves

The human extinction
Absolute contradiction


- スポンサーリンク -