locofrank – one

locofrank 新曲『one』歌詞 PV視聴 MV 動画 :
locofrank のアルバム『one』に収録

In days that you start to take meeting people for granted
How many times in the past have we said good bye
Reality’s blurring
All alone your shoulders shaking
The sky it comforts you
Sinks crying red tears

Head up stand up
You don’t give up
That’s what I know
Whenever you feel lonely someone’s thinking about you
We are all connected, we are one

With words you kept too long inside yourself
You tried to make out who you are
You kept searching for your true self
So that you do not see
A night so cold that it can make you want to run away
So the tears gently wet your eyes

The tiny thoughts bring the birth of tomorrow that will come
And petty words will save someone
I really hope these days will last


- スポンサーリンク -