Lil Twist – Light Up 歌詞

Young money
As they fly ..
As they fly telling nine
Telling hoes that is my time
Young money bitch i’m on my grind
Ain’t nobody stop em like now
Bitch face me in the ground make the bite
..matter of fact i’m going ..right now
Uuh up up in a way i’m gone i’m gone
..the middle finger like f*cking
I’m in my zone my zone
Bad chick ..she see me pics through the phone
She heard the way that i .. This hoes
So i want it good bone yeah
.. I’m going ham
Hoes me like i’m damn
Put on the seem i’m .. Give me that ..
Break it down like damn
All the chicks tryin to figure who i am
Still .. With that cames
.. I’m going another round
I’m .. Two shit …and i’m on shit
Don’t please me f*cking
I’ll be lunch say .. I’ll be at the .. Balling
.. You go back down
G ..bags .. In the hood so damn a brack
Tell em go hate back but a boy make that
.. In the trash go back
.. Runaway go .. I do dog shit
‘Cause i’m here to the dog ..
And my ..for straight tell em go hey
I stay fly all that hoes i stay high damn cly
Tell em hoes it’s my time
Young money bitch i’m on my grind
Hey nobody stop me like now
Pitch face in the ground like now
You grow up when nobody make a sound
And ..right now
Now i just fly sing the bitch
But i rain up like ..let me see what’s ..
I aint’ ..tryin to get up
..i don’t give a f*ck i wanna …
Matter of fact i am but you don’t ..
She ..then turn around …
The side go both way ..she go both ways
Ok tell that bitch come on, tell that bitch ..some on
Ring you over i make her home
The ringtone, i do rock shit and ..
And if you .. Money ’cause do it like shit
‘Cause up this
[2 x hook:]


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