Lee-Lee – Spreading The Word 歌詞

Promise keepers
We catch it walk there from our angles
We got all these people out there
The streets saying Christian rap would never blow up to be anything
We got all these people out there
The church is saying that we’re all about the women and all about the cash
It’s time to tell the world that used to be …
You heard?
So get your Christian thug here on
Soul cause it’s time to spread the word
Come on you feel me?
The Key man blaster
The brown gray abandoned is back
Come on
Got my master
Media trying to lead me to disaster
Got my …
That’s what for they call me demon blaster
Found some pastor
They say that he should put me in my seat
But as quickly as you know
Lee Lee’s reaching the streets
They trying to block me
Just swiping up a revolution
Bringing mass confusion
They planning my execution
But they can’t
Cause lord gives me and the … people
The … sequel
We’re all created equal hmm
It’s funny how everything becomes political
If you’re knocked up in the gird
You’re condition’s critical
It’s pitiful
How y’all just can’t get along
Then they look at me
And say that I’m the one who’s doing wrong
Cause I’m out in the streets
Bringing up a new nation
Form a new congregation
Facing any confrontations
They’re suspecting me
Trying to make my fellows ladle
I smile and keep my head up
And let god fight my battles
You heard me
Yes I’m a be the heathen
I’m suburban
But I’m a still spread the word oh
You feel me?
I got them … out of seasons
Summer spring fall to winter
Break a bone
And still keep moving like my name was …
They try to get me from angles man
I got to stay up
Spread the word
They knocking me
Trying to find ways for blocking me
But they ain’t stopping me
Because the phrase of GOD
So Bobby even shot at me
But god touched his heart
Changed his life and set him free
Did you forgive him Lee?
Of course
They don’t understand
All they rather say ‘nah man you really crazy wrong’
He without sin
Would you please cast the first stone?
He throws a rock
I guarantee you
That you’re on your own
Aha you’re all alone
Thieves broke into my home
Stole my brother’s car
And made me lose my future wife
Praying to god to … them
Meet through out of life
Remember the time when I was stabbed with a knife in my back?
A Christian thug life
And eyes have not seen
And ears have not heard
A Christian thug’s testimony
For spreading the word
And for the lord out keep moving
Reaching and teaching
Praising and grooving
Everything that we do y’all
Come on
Keep spreading the world
Let the world know if they ain’t heard
Reaching each and every home
Like my home girl Lady G
And my home boy …
Spread the word
You feel me?
I’ve been in the fast life
I thought I had it all
Anything I needed
I knew who to call
Money flowing in from all types of angles
But little did I think
I’d get caught up in life’s tangles
Money started slowing
My friends started to fade
But god was there for me
Through the storm and the rain
I’ve tried the fast life
And found it wasn’t for me
How did behind my friends
And that money
Looking for security
It’s not about a slave and a Benz
What good is all of that when you’re living in sands?
Had to hide all your troubles
Day after day
When your papas come around you
And it’s for the love of money
You sell yourself short
Shorty just look ahead
Jesus died on the cross for you
That’s what the word said
Joining UPK today
We can be heard
What we really all about
Is spreading the word
Go ahead and talk about me
Aha it just don’t matter
What you say is chit chat


- スポンサーリンク -