Lecrae – Welcome to H-Town ft Tedashii – Dre Murray 歌詞

H-Town, yeah
Welcome to H-Town
They say the boy’s right and clean
But when I came, what does it really mean
Caught for the real, got sweet for the green
Wake up, boy this ain’t a dream
Welcome to H-Town

Selling low with a harsh load at my anyhow
Stepping with my camp folks, them spoke, ok
I can’t pay 60, as we’re tripping from the city lights
Got them boys fixing, baby, here in town we keep the rap
Creep it wood crane, always sipping good, man
We was down for whatever was, wished somebody would me
Induce me with them vices, yeah man, looking pretty like a big yellow bone
While I’m dipping through the city. T-T-Told in the game is going down, I’m getting ready
Is like the world stood still while we bought them great tapes.
Ch-chop chop woo, acting like a fool is got me wondering what’s next, baby ,when this life is through

I was born in H-Town, stretched down way back
When the slums in the city beat the schools up in the back
Pocking eye, keep them spinning, eating famous chicken dinner
Family came from 3rd war scratched up to in this
Hanging up in the sun with my cousin Corel
It was on the purpose, right, I was feeling slipping through this
Can’t you steal temper stories as I’m passing by next stop
And wonder if I’ll ever have ‘stakes
I told my cousin ‘do you think that she was smoking treesA’
I think the Lord is calling me, both of us are green
And, man, I love the CD that I purchase, hope it’s clean
That I will change the age, same race, the change I made

Cuz I’m the kid that thought that I was clean
A packet full of green, in fact, a bit yellow
I can put up on my team
My bro is riding dirty, know is so late and clean
And don’t let the Lord in the vein.

Welcome to H-Town
I’m praying for H-Town
Welcome to H-Town

I had a dream on the plane that I was sitting in the slabs
Seat back, face up, try inducing even death
Talking to my partners ‘bout this plans that I have
When I told them “Oklahoma” made them boys just laugh, like
“where there at, fawkA” “man, you’ve been joking” “yeah, you, but you ain’t get”
It’s like they didn’t understand me I’ve been that whole tryin’ to serve God.
They want me serve the things with that dope, but that’s when we slept broke
Pass the cure. And as I got higher, that’s when I started to feel “dawg, we’re smoking kill”
I packed away from the killer, picked up my life and my vision got clearer
Destiny is dream and is fate, but I hear that things are bad right now
But the man in the mirror is tryin’ to make a change, rearrange the things
H-Town, I still love you, hold up, man

Welcome to H-Town
Welcome to H-Town
Whoa, Yeah
They said the boy is right and clean,
Fresh up on the scene
But when I begin, what does it really meanA
Caught for the real, got a sweet for the green
Wake up, boy this ain’t a dream
Welcome to H-Town
Welcome to H-Town
I’m praying for H-Town
Welcome to H-Town


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