knotlamp Westerlies 歌詞


We are fighting on now
Running around for one life
Someday we find our place
We gonna try to fly into big sky

Never trust anyone
No one can make us happy now
So we run into the goal
til all the worthless emotion fades away

When you wander off into twilight, release your heart to freedom

We are fighting on now
No one can know the story’s end
So let’s make up your life
You can decide the colors of everyday

We have nothing to lose
We know the meaning of our lives
So we run into the goal
Until the empty emotion fades away

Keep holding on to emotions along with your pain for freedom

‘Cause I live as I feel
It’s my style
I go like the wind
I wanna fly
We overcome mistakes
so don’t worry anymore
‘Cause I sing as I feel
It’s my rock
I’ll never face my destiny
‘Cause I’ll make it for myself anytime


- スポンサーリンク -