knotlamp Last moment 歌詞


The time’s come
This is my last song
Could you feel what you have really found?
Your best smiles show me your real heart
You were laughing
It’s the answer

Trust your way
Trust your eyes
You are not bad
You’ll find your happiness
Though the world denies you now

Society’s gone
There is no place to hide
So you just broke away to this place
Let’s smile as you can live your life
It’s your answer
It’s forever

Overcome complexes and your traumas
They have no meaning
Because I feel you’re beautiful

I’m just dreaming of a day we’ll meet again
I’ll keep holding your voices and your smiles
Now I wanna send you this last song
Because you have given us so many thanks

Because you have given us smile

Even though we just worry, our life is only one
Here is the last moment you can overcome yourself
I’ll remember smiles you showed us tonight
Because a brand new day will come
See you again


- スポンサーリンク -