knotlamp Evil Whisper 歌詞


The scars are telling us
We can conquer empty spirits

Noises are hunging over
My vision is not clear

But they are drowned out by the forces of our faith
‘Cause we are going to prove we’re standing here

There’s a devil
I wanna get out now
‘Til I am overwhelmed
Even though many devils smile

If we are going towards the tops of mountains,
Then we can finally see a much better scene

Destiny’s a labyrinth that’s meant to test us
We know where answers are
We’ll try to face it

We all wanna find a new place
Until the phantom blinds us
We all wanna live a new way
Cause we can never die
One chance
One time
Because it’s all up to us
One loss
One success makes you stronger
They can take us away to brand new days ahead

To embrace cloudy pasts
To accept all of your flaws
In the story of your real life
To embrace broken hearts
To restart your sunny days
Never falling down
Never breaking down
Because your life’s story goes on

I was losing heart
The future will come
You can take me away to brand new days ahead


- スポンサーリンク -