Jon Connor – 5 Lessons 歌詞

I spit with passion not not when the ..
But when it hear em only compare ..
When it hurt .. I think a bunch of niggas is too cool ..
Look remember when niggas said hunger
That’s when the nigga ..summer not when ..suffer
Look come up with .. Easy come easy ..
So i just .. Till the end of time ’cause
I would not be in prison by somebody else’s vision
And that’s why i’m invincible you niggas invisible individual i love being original
This remember how i felt the first time i heard dmx
.. Be the best the same shit i got in myself for real
Well next is hard nigga i pull my heart nigga
Some put you hard ..
I can’t we take it for granted we got a voice
And this ..was my lyrics ..
How other people gonna view us
We try put the finger .. Foolish
But you’re making all of this f*cking stupid
See .. Big ..for this mike if you plan with
But aint’ nobody around ..shit
How could i grow up how i did it and just require
‘Cause ..with this mike ..
Said you .. Try to lead us from the dark
And that’s why you left from mark
See care us the future that’s why felt like knew you
You knew this .. And that’s why the love is mutual
And as i stand here ..out the .. With the people
I got too much heart to stand .. This people
Some time make it a ..having a .. Abuse you
I gotta f*ck you boy so i’ma use it f*ck it ..
All i gotta say i
Is the 3 lesson i the class
Swaggin something you say is just something you had
Swaggin the .. What you’re thinking is cool
When you make it ..stepping the room
Swaggin the power when you get in the room
Is when the hoes wanan f*ck you is when a nigga salute
It ain’t fake and a bunch of shit is not you ain’t swag mother f*ckign costumes
Swag is a ..
You aint’ even gotta say shit ..
‘Cause you do what other niggas don’t do
Do what you want to nigga lud but you wonder with the girl
‘Cause you spent it out the crowd
You ..when i learn that from .. F*cking fat
Swag is being you
I just wanna be original you feel me
Be one of a kind …tryin get sign ’cause when he is
Next on line miss on time keep doing ..
F*ck what they doing if you know there’s not
Hold it down for your time and give it everything you got
Got yourself ’cause they scared to think outside the box again
Once they try to hate i’ll be the same you ..
See over time what i learned is always ..
Don’t give a f*ck ..mind is always right
Before your dream ..just don’t give a f*ck
Haters they just dont’ get enough they just lead you to a fight
But when you fall you ..
And people i follow when you don’t know how to shit
I guess i’m living ..why the shit that you nca tell me
Say .. Got a grind every minute go
Go hard till you finish just know where you head it .. Come on
..come out is this for nigga
They wish i got as soon as they sayin..
My head is starting to ..
You bout to give more f*cking look like ..
We kind of best let the people say alleluia
..the truth and i can prove it
..since i was eleven gota little bit ..
I guess i’m here where i had it
I guess i’m ..
I’m like f*ck the world when you ..
You nigga wanna sell out
F*ck your brothers .. Like incest
Any time .. F*ck the haters i wanna meet the ..
Salute the .. Safe


- スポンサーリンク -