Jim Jones – Top Of The Year 歌詞

Yeah Vampire life
it’s the last supper
we on the night
is the fizz you’re all welcome
huh, you ever seen the sunset rising
Top of the fist go still poppin my shit though
said a few words to alike happen this whip hoe
bitch now talk dirty to the top of my dick and blow
..talk dirty just to happen this whip hoe
drop in the strip with no top of the whip watch me
droppin like this hoe, she want the dance
my watch is a disco, 40 in my pens
I’m just watching the shit go
choppers and pistols copers on pigs
but they lock you like pin ball
I’m uptown you think I’m coping them bricks you’re
droppin in the pot like I drop it in Chris goal
fry chicken wings be fry rise,
so if you get them things keep the heat by side
and point em mine they ain’t on my level
top floor not a single floor on my ..
I’m f*cking with your brain, huh
I’m f*cking with your brain
if it’s your brain on drugs
f*ck with me nigga be a brain on slugs
Mhm these niggas ain’t wait to watch out
pull up in the ..then we pop bottle
don’t know a shit of that book
but I could dance on that shit what a flap foot
You, f*ck these niggas talking like they slinging things
different airports six ..the prints
..this talk like the best..
connection when I ..24 on that bake of city
..with the bisquet, nigga I’m high as hell
got the..on top of the wild strap
real talk you fight shells, fit on climb hell
niggas get clap and cry tell
is that breath, your homie invading
..kicked all like the cops ..
and better talk ..blaxin
my niggas ..
It’s nothing something that you used to
I’m riding in that six doobs
these haters knock on my grind
rise star in..like cold room I’m twisted
roof gone miss missin
no sleep I’m persistent
got 60 racks in my clothes
60 racks in my shoulds
..and I’m scoal, came off with dirty..
I got niggas on my dick like bitches
I got triggers in my hip like niggas
and I get it on the strip like niggas


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