Janet Kay LOVEマシーン feat.高橋愛 歌詞



You don’t deserve me, I’m too hot for you
I got a nice body body body, baby
If I say so myself, I’m beautiful and lovely
You know you can’t deny

If it’s too hot, why can’t you cool it down
If you’re lonely, everybody…
Darling, no more no more a lonely nights
D’ou wanna light my fire?
Baby, love is like a dynamite
Love is like a dynamite

Who cares what the news say
Love is inflation
If you treat me well
You will get my love in the midnight hour

My future’s bright, let’s get involved
Have some fun in a moonlight shower

Nippon’s future will be
(Wow Wow Wow Wow)
Whole world envies, baby
(Yeah Yeah Yeah)
Let’s fall in love
(Wow Wow Wow Wow)
Dance, dance
Dancing all through the night

Just don’t know why, I want you around
Want you to love me
No matter where I am
So I can tell it to myself
But I’m so shy sometimes
You got to understand

The perfect couple, can we be like that?
To be like them, everybody
Love is a pit of everybody’s dream
Nobody noticed
Don’t you wanna try the taste of mystery
Love is the mystery

“Oh baby, Love is so unnatural”
Says a Love insider
And you’re so good, I can’t help myself
Check me out

I am ready for the better day
My name is on the waiting list

Your smile drives me crazy
Whole world envies, baby
We have the sweetest dreams
Dance, dance
Dancin’ all through the night

Love Love Love machine
Love Love Love station
Love Love Love factory
Love! Love is so wonderful

(Wow Wow Wow Wow)
(Yeah Yeah Yeah)
(Wow Wow Wow Wow)
Dance Dancin’ all of the night

Janet Kay says
You say and I say
Everyone and CEO says
Dance, dance
Dancing all through the night


- スポンサーリンク -