Janet Kay 赤いスイートピー 歌詞

松本隆/訳詞:Marc Jordan


On an autumn coloured train
I’ll go with you to the sea
I want to be there with you

Pack your dreams and follow me down to the sea
Your perfume is all around me now

After all this time I wonder if
I’m just wasting time
And I wonder if you gonna make some kind of move on me

I will follow you
I want to be right there beside you always
I will follow you
And hold you near
And never let you wonder
You’re so wonderful and just a little shy
Now my life is blossoming into a song
And I owe it all to you sweet pea

In July we were alone beneath the rain
On our own just sitting at the station
There was no one left to tell us what to do
No one waiting for the train to come

And I looked into your eyes
And I realized you’re leaving
I just can’t believe it’s time
That we have to be gone

I will follow you
I feel the wings of love waiting beside you
I will follow you
You make me feel so young when I’m around you
Like a little girl
You are my whole world
Sitting at the station I can feel your love
By the tracks growing like sweet pea

Love you now
Want you now
Have to feel you near me
I will follow you
I want to live the way you live forever
I can never go back to my home
Go back to my home
I can feel the warmth of spring is in the air
And I owe it all to you sweet pea


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