J-Hood – It’s A Shame 歌詞

Small frame nigga and a big body
Something stupid in his stash act…riding shottie
I wrote a book on mac no computer
They ain’t pipping, you doing young and coming
Let me school you
Sometimes you gotta lie to them just to get what you want
Remember it’s always one what gonna do what the other won’t
Man I’m moving like a ninja they don’t see me less I’m cruising
And … stuck on winning while they loosing
Get, get, get it right
Like a nigga that can’t dribble, … telling me you don’t wanna fuck with me
Like some crystal…
Balls, drugs… taken to high doses
The way I deliver the flow is the ferocious
I’m a beast in the booth man, you ain’t going nowhere
Like a nigga ran with 2 grams
I swear I can’t be seen like I’m transparent
All these whack niggas gotta go
It’s the…so nothing free, I’m a charger
Get out of …
y’all niggas is all ass, Nicki Minaj
Let me get back, I have fun already
Your whole … is lightweight, but the pound is heavy
Follow the light, for goodness sake
The pressure from these logs equivalent to a hundred pounds plate, damn
Should have shattered your chest cavity
The loud I got in my spliff make me neglect gravity.


- スポンサーリンク -