J. Cole – I’m A Fool 歌詞

I’m a fool baby uh yea
If I fuck up you get me
I’m a fool I’m a fool..

Yea, I’m a fool
Hundred thousand for the jewels
Last year we killed the game and left y’all browsing for the clues
Old niggas out here searchin’ for that fountain of the youth
Money talks and hoes say it’s been arousing their point of view
Don’t make me act a fool like Malcolm before the suet
How could you justify? I testified up in his booth
And then throughout the years shed tears and spilled truths
Somehow they love a nigga better when he talk about his loot
Shine like a kaleidoscope, see light through a wider scope
Therefor I know this necklace still represents the new
Still I hit the jewel, how much racks to make me cooler?
I just played a game homie, I ain’t make the rules up
Started from the bottom saying where you lace your shoes up?
So if I’m blowin’ cake just blame it on the place I grew up
Where niggas got nothing but dreams and television
Got no plans of seein’ hella prison
You could tell I’m livin’, right?
Never said I’m livin’ right

Such a fool for you
Boy, you a fool
Boy, you a fool
Boy, you a fool
And they like
And they like
And they like
Boy, you a fool
Boy, you a fool
And they like
And they like

Hey, I’m a fool
Hundred thou to go to school
Almost dead, me and my momma damn near drownin’ in the pool
The first to go to college, they say knowledge is the tool
But these hoes on campus make a young nigga drool
So we party, skip class, get ass and talk cool
Meanwhile she back home workin’ hard, I use that as my feud
So I finally graduated
But I’m sad to say that I ain’t learned a fuckin’ thing
You set the game and how to pay it
I’m a fool, no scuffs on my shoes
No cuts, I don’t bruise
So fuck y’all reviews
She told me Cole I loved you
Rolled with you before the riches
But you’re way too educated to be callin’ women bitches
They callin’ brothers niggas, pardon if I cross the line
But all this time thought you was different then all them other niggas
I responded to ‘er please don’t put me on a pedestal
Cuz I know better, and I’m still a fool


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