Gunplay – Bet That PV 歌詞付き


JP 歌詞

JP 歌詞

「Bet That Feat. Pusha T」Gunplay PV視聴 MV 動画試聴 歌詞付き

[Intro: Gunplay]
I just beat a life sentence nigga
Fuck yeah
I just beat a life sentence nigga
Fuck yeah
Bet That, Bet That, Bet That
[Hook x2: Gunplay]
I dont give a fuck about you ( I dont give a fuck)
I dont give a fuck about you ( I dont give a fuck)
and you can bet that
and you can bet that
you understand?
[Verse 1: Gunplay]
No love for a pussy nigga
no love for the pussy neither
how the fuck hope quite your breathing
I dont got to make believe I make believers
this ratchet patchet nigga had up something decent
fuck a preacher and Ill whip you leasin
my nigga my new stick come equipped with features
and that hole dome come equipped with bleachers
so what the play?
spend a stack and watch a nigga buy some loose change
thats the way I act and how I do thangs
I’m thuggin all the time aint no mood swings
I’ma human cocaine shoe string
[Hook x2]
[Verse 2: Gunplay]
These busters been booths
full of shit acting full clip proof
I dont give a fuck bout who you came to
I got uncles I got homies in the pen too
my patience with them too
I dont give a fuck about ya
nuthin bout ya
bitches bring me money that they suck up out ya
then tell me Daddy its just something bout ya
I tell her I don’t doubt ya
I’m like nothin out there
bustin when I wasn’t
now the haters hover like .. over does it
everything I do I gotta over dose the measure
oh Lord, look who came to visit,
the new O dog
[Hook x2]
[Verse 3: Pusha T]
I dont give a fuck who you are
so fuck who you are
shout out to Styles P thats like the hardest fuckin ball
I dont give a fuck if you the next rising star
get star struck and get hit with this AR
A double M-O
fuck what you saying get play like a demo
niggas know my M.O.
money over bitches
God over all
birthed you little niggas watched you all gcrawl
leanin on them bricks scale Michael off the wall
dont stop til you get enough of that raw
all we is is get money running from the law
think you dont give a fuck shiiit I’ma raise the bar
[Hook x2]


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