Grimoire ensemble 闇の花嫁 Overture

歌手:Grimoire ensemble
作詞:金春智子・Evan Call(Elements Garden)
作曲:Evan Call(Elements Garden)

Ritsuka, Ritsuka, Ritsuka. Ritsuka, Ritsuka, Ritsuka.

The time is now; it’s not too late.
(Break the chain)
The wheel of time escapes its fate.
(Lost its way)
This darkness bears a newfound life.
(No more rage)
And all will seek out her pale light.
(Ritsuka, Ritsuka, Ritsuka)

In shadow walks the veiled bride.
(Through the haze)
With rings of ruin cast in night.
(Wrought in pain)
A cruel vow that knows not shame.
(Empty cage)
The bride of darkness, call her name!
(Ritsuka, Ritsuka, Ritsuka)


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