Fear,and Loathing in Las Vegas Acceleration 歌詞

歌手:Fear,and Loathing in Las Vegas
作詞:Fear,and Loathing in Las Vegas
作曲:Fear,and Loathing in Las Vegas

speaking out
what they don’t
even think
But I ain’t got no
words for you now

I can’t be the one
One to tell you that things
would turn out perfectly fine
knowing it won’t

Stay natural
Don’t let me down cuz
I know
you’re alright
It’s no big deal at all
Don’t be wishing things you can’t

Ah, be honest to your instinct
You as“one”
Unique and only
Tell me 10 good reasons why you have to change
There is no need to change

Get on the car right now and turn the key
Don’t have to step on the brake
Speed it up
Disc goes round and round
Life will not gonna decelerate. Why not take it
as if on fast lane

Once you turn the key
Grab the handle
You are now
on your own
where ever you go
Steer (it) right left
or go straight
Your choice for yourself

If you are stuck
Find whatever you like
and why not
do all the things you can do
Ride across it
Ride it over

Ah, don’t have to step on the brake
Speed it up
Disc goes round and round
Like driving on fast lane

Spin the disc faster

Could you
come out from the shade
Get under the sun
Try to seek for
what you want to do
Scenery you’ve not yet discovered
is all out there
Step on the peddle
Speed it up quicker (faster)
Run like the wind
No need to speed down

Do not care about others
who laughs and disrespects you
The best
in the choice you make
and your own aim

Do not care about other people
who laughs at you and disrespects you
It’s the choice you make
and your own aim

Turn and grab on to the steering wheel
Keep going. Speed it up
Have (the) meters full
Let the engine roar like a mad beast
Get the gears heated


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