Domo Genesis – Feel Me Yet (Still Feel Me Freestyle) 歌詞

I’m still cruising this vibe rumors and lane switchin
And i stay truly this music when niggas ain’t listen
Why you losin i’m moving dressing i ain’t trippin
Tryin to run so they .. in California light listen
I’m all mine say nigga with the same vision
A big Richie and pin stack we share the same different
Why niggas trippin try get ..with the same ..
I’m on the vision my neck stack .. i can’t mention
To my division that i end it the loyal to
And the couple cruise outside no i’m supporting
I isn’t gotta drop no name
no you can chose you can keep the real ..
the fake shit aint’ even fake ..
i work hard so the .. death
and i aint’ leaving here with nothing ..feel the step
..can’t stand her no ..the voice in my head now
But i think i’m tight the .. now the minute ..better than .. i guess you gotta .. feel me
My life .. my mama raise the glory .. warm up get the ..
The shit real me flowing
I’ll be flowing like .. i think you ..waiting for these niggas ..
Rap ‘cause everything i out in the streets
..don’ t wanna be recon with
Man do it for the nigga it how a young ..
Nigga be yourself kickin little ..
We mother f*ck
When I’ll be in the .. and regrets I’m ready my feet wet ..
And only question left they feel me yet
Ah ah ah ah


- スポンサーリンク -