Dominic Gordon – Let Your Hair Down 歌詞

sunny day, white ..
what it so blue, blue
just one word all this things i’ll give to you
girl you’ve working hard through the week
and it looks like you gonna need a weekend
to ease your mind and take some time
and jyst to whine, get your feet of

all again no plane will make make dope boy
so i’ma take your …the rain
and you can come to me uh

let’s go on a escapade, skip the rain
sunny day baby
have a little get away you and me
no where .. baby you could let your hair down
..for Saint Tropez
what if you want some ..
baby you cna let your head down ..

girl let’s get away, let’s have a little escapade
girl let your hair down

and have whatever you want
you cna have it your wya
‘cause it’s all about you
looking right through the town ..
i don’t wanna it ..
now i’m flying coast to coast
the reason for doing the most is just


feelign liek i need a break
you relaly ..
let your hair down
let your hair down
let your hair down
let your hair down
i can help you let your hair down
let your hair down, let your hair down



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