DAISHI DANCE – Predestinate feat. 麻衣

Predestinate feat. 麻衣

A feeble light, a faint glimmer of hope
I see you in the dark as if seeking a star

Where we grew pain
A cloud of sorrow
Where a love is reborn
To sparkle with its joy
We through our tears all away
Let me hold your hands

Everytime, we take the path
Lead us nowhere
The destiny lights, to lead us to meet

Believe in myself
That I find you, my love
So I was alone
Nothing I can lean on
Solitude in the dark

We are in journey
Wander around the wild land
Trusting what awaits
Place I have dreamed of, Promise we’ve made
Love will find us a way

Dawn surely comes
At the end of the tear
And begin new life here
Mh hold on together

The sound of life
Just like Knocks on the door
Feeling strength and the warmth
Want my head lean against
Embracing heartbeats in your arms
All it takes us to live

As we die
As we are born
It circle around
It may lead my way
And fall in love

Believe you someday
Warm my hands, my love
So I lived with the cold
Nothing I can lean on
Solitude in the dark

Gaze into your eyes
Rain of scattered petal
Pause in the air
Nothing can break us apart
The two lives
The String of destiny


- スポンサーリンク -