Crooked I – Exodus 23:1 (Freestyle) 歌詞

Is my turn
I know I got a mixtape coming out tomorrow
that won’t stop shit
got bars in this mother f*cker, huh?
SOB nigga
Crooked I this is an induction
you only talk about balling pocket in eruption
rappers talking bout balling my life is in this discussion
them niggas really ain’t nothing
look it all the shit I’m crushin
I’m viming in lava like the flow is a sick corruption
I fill it with hustling corruption in every pitch I’m f*cking
I fill it with thugging struggling in heavy pistol talking in luxury trucks
call it double dutch every chick gonna jump in
Respiratory machine
that’s when I let that bitch breathe
these niggas wanna get ralic with the fire armaholic
call it mmoney on the ground wanna chop a knock you want your wallet
call it a Idrolics winnin your palalama if you in the air
people stepping over your body ’cause don’t nobody care about you that ass
I’m that ass in the game bang capital platinum gone
rappers know took that ’cause we snatchin hoes
and I pay my dues as far as rapping and trapping goes
but if Eminem don’t help me go platinum then he’s back to clapping hoe
and riding dirty while be around the bush with three fellows
four guns and eleven pounds of cushin
my baby mama is bima wanna ex this profession but
maybe I’m a dreamer that inception direction
never thought I get my change up like this again
if you hear a click again I answer hang up they listen in
ease dropping the streets and these watching the E
and receive .. release me with these options to thieve
get we poppin over tree so I keep rocking
he cocking till I can no longer breathe keep the. beat knocking
and let em know that this is slater
house gang bang mommy suck the dick of a rider
that’s why she got a higher sperm counting my seaming in her saliva
Respiratory machine
I had to let that bitch breathe
these niggas talking at beef life
talking the street life
should be talking peace life
my pistol eats life
f*ck nigga what that bitch like
the skype is triple black we under street lights
ready to die for each other like Snoopy told your ass so D cover
this low bitch California yeah
tell em again nigga
this low bitch California


- スポンサーリンク -