coldrain The Future 歌詞



seven years ago
I was just a young lost soul
with no place to go at all
now I’m on the road
with schedules of sold out shows
but I still want more
who could have ever known

the future is here inside my hands
as I travel the unknown
the risks our high the odds are low
but I am not alone
the future is here inside my hands
and I’m answering the call
cuz I’d rather fail then never know at all

all these scars and sores
I’ve collected along the way
but the pain is gone
once I stand on stage

I’m not running or hiding not anymore
cuz I know theres no way out of this now
what I want is what I need
until death I believe

there is just one thing I think I need to say
without my friends I could have got to where I’m standing
there is just one thing I never will forget
without you here I couldn’t have become who I am


- スポンサーリンク -