Chris Brown – Stuck On Stupid 歌詞

Am I crazy, am I foolish
Just a little too into you, that’s for sure, ooh babe
But your beauty that is in me
Makes me forget about your faults, you do no wrong

They say everybody plays the fool sometimes
And if I got to I don’t mind
I’ll be the best damn fool for you, no lie
And girl I’m loosing everytime
There’s something about your baby
And I swear that it drives me crazy
I’m stuck on you baby, stuck on you baby
And I might need help, cause I can’t think of nothing else
You got me stuck on stupid, stuck on stupid for you
Look what you do to me

It’s confusing, how you do it
It’s like you (?) my heart and blew it to your soul, yeah baby
And I’ll do anything for you, ooh you know that much it’s true
Girl I’m so in love, got me stupid



If you told me to go rock climbing
To prove my love to you
You know I woulda die trying
Got everything to lose
I’m gon’ tryna play it cool
(?) things I do, I do it for you



- スポンサーリンク -